Music Ministries

Music Ministries

Our Lady of Fatima Parish is blessed with a large number of talented parishioners who are very committed to serving in the Music Ministry. They are musicians and choir groups who are rostered once a month for  Saturday vigil mass and  Sunday mass. 

The parish’s choir, Fatima Choir, is led by Irene San Miguel. All members are from the parish and through persistent campaign, the number has grown in the past year. Irene plays the piano and Paul Baylis plays the guitar. Shakey Bormans, Dewy Sacayen and Michelle McCready are cantors. We have a choir on Sunday.

Team Fatima is the youth group in the parish. They are led by Aditya Patel on the piano. Katie Leigh and Rhea Patel are cantors.

Kathryn Waters plays the piano on the first Sunday of the month. She is supported by members of the Fatima Choir.

Among the current musicians, Robert Chow has been serving the parish the longest. He is joined by  Elly Chow and Phoebe Chow on the first Saturday Vigil mass of the month.

Their ensemble of guitar, flute and violin, and the beautiful voices of Elly and Phoebe are a behold to listen to.

On second Saturdays of the month, the church’s pipe organ is played by Tamara Martyn. She is supported by Margaret Owens and Fatima choir singers.

The Living Water Chorale is a highly accomplished choir who sing once a month on alternate Saturdays and Sundays. The group is led by Sharon Banal, who is a parishioner. Their pianist is Mike Cruz and the conductor is Perl Lansi. Their members are from neighboring parishes.

Singles For Christ is a guest choir who sing on the fourth Saturday of the month. They are led by Cielo Holgado, who is also their guitarist. Their cantor is Abe Villanueva.